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Who we are

Gaptek is a design, supply, construction and maintenance company based on the Gaptek System, whose application has no limits.

We have a 360º vision of the services we offer to our clients, from the design and production to the construction and maintenance of the building.
Working in sectors as demanding as the aeronautics and defence has allowed us to develop a much more advanced technology that we currently use in the sectors of logistics and social development.

The Gaptek System allows us to provide deployable, semi-permanent and permanent buildings, always adapting to the most demanding needs of the military sector.

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Our philosophy

“Gaptek’s mission is to offer excellence through our buildings in terms of quality, time, cost and sustainability”

The design concept of Gaptek buildings

Traditional buildings are associated with high costs and long execution times and they are condemned to stay in the same place or be demolished, as materials are not reusable nor recyclable. In addition, buildings that were constructed some time ago do not meet the current needs anymore, but, unfortunately, they cannot be relocated nor adapted.


The problem is clear, so why do we keep building as we used to 50 years ago?


In 2011, three innovators with more than 25 years of experience in the sector decided to create Gaptek with the aim of creating a construction system that allowed the design of buildings with the characteristics of traditional work but with the particularity that they can be assembled, disassembled and relocated.


From the company’s foundation, the current factors of sustainability, energy efficiency, recycling, versatility and economy have been under strict consideration in every step of the execution of every project.

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Always committed to excellence

The Gaptek System complies with the International Building Codes, Eurocodes and CE marking, and we have the ISO 9001, UNE-EN ISO 14001 and UNE-ISO/IEC 27001 certifications.

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Where are the Gaptek offices located?

Our offices are in the beautiful city of Barcelona. We also have a logistics and R&D center in Girona and a commercial office in Madrid.

If I decide to buy a Gaptek building, will I receive support at every step?

Of course. Gaptek offers all support you need throughout the execution of the process. You will always have the team by your side.
We have a 360º vision of the services we offer, as we provide from the design and production to the construction and maintenance of the buildings.

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