UAV hangar, support buildings and communication towers for the NSPA

May 6, 2019

We are proud to announce the finalization of the first project contracted through the NSPA, the NATO Support and Procurement Agency.

The project consists of the delivery of deployable support buildings for the new unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) of the Air Force of the Spanish Ministry of Defense. These buildings, including the UAV hangar, are located at the Talavera la Real Air Base (Badajoz) and are used by the Air Force unit Ala 23.

The set of buildings consists of:

  • a UAV hangar for two unmanned aircrafts, which is 27m wide, 38m long and 8m high
  • support buildings (modules)
  • and two 15-meters high communication towers.

On the other hand, the project of a UAV hangar and support buildings has been carried out in a record time. The total assembly time of the whole project of less than two months.

The buildings, including the UAV hangar, delivered to the Ministry of Defense are prepared in all their details to give support during the maintenance and use of these unmanned aerial vehicles. They are provided with European and American currents, bridge cranes, air conditioning, power generation and fuel tanks.

In addition, the UAV hangar, as well as the rest of the buildings, are designed to be located in all climatic conditions. The conditions are in terms of wind, snow and earthquake loads and the control of thermal insulation. This is why all the weights and volumes are minimized to be easily transported in all scenarios.

Also, the design and engineering of the Gaptek System facilitates the transportation of these buildings. They are designed to be transported in 20 ft. ISO containers in the aircrafts used by the Spanish Air Force, such as the C-130 and A400M.

Autonomous construction

As for the construction of the UAV hangar and support buildings, the military personnel have been instructed so that they can autonomously assemble all the buildings.

These buildings are added to the aircraft shelter that Gaptek delivered at the same Air Force Base, also designed and built according to the Gaptek System.

Finally, we appreciate the support of the NSPA, the Logistic Support Command of the Spanish Air Force and the Ala 23 squadron for their trust throughout the execution of the project.

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