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Information security – TEMPEST

Buildings that are used for the treatment of sensitive information can be supplied with TEMPEST.

The term TEMPEST refers to investigations and studies of compromising emanations related to the classified information that is being transmitted, received, handled or in some way processed by electronic equipment or systems. These unintentional emanations, once detected and analyzed, can lead to obtaining the information.

Ballistic and mortar protection

Our buildings can be equipped with ballistic protection in tense shot, mortars and grenades, thanks to the development of this capacity in collaboration with the ITM (agency for research, technological development and innovation that belongs to the Spanish Ministry of Defence), INTA (National Institute of Aerospace Technology) and CDTI (Center for Industrial Technological Development).

Energetic solutions adapted to every environment

We adjust our energy demand solutions to the local climatology of the location of our projects.

The cheapest energy is that which is not consumed: At Gaptek, we are committed to insulating materials in search for the “passive building” concept.

R + D + i: We are validating with the IDAE (Institute for Energy Diversification and Saving) the energy performance of our modules by applying different sources of energy in an environment of extreme weather (Soria).

We apply an intelligent energy manager that manages the different energy systems available to adjust the user’s demand.


We offer training sessions to military personnel both for the autonomous assembly of the building and for the correct operation of the building and its maintenance.


Our system is quick to implement

Easily reconfigurable and extensible

Easily transportable

Optimized logistics

All profiles and building elements are designed to fit into 20ft ISO containers for intermodal transport. 

Our buildings can be delivered anywhere in the world, even the most remote areas.

All building elements have been optimized for greater transport savings, both economically and environmentally.


A400M hangar Assembly video

Gaptek is a synonym of trust

Reduced construction time

Our solutions are predesigned for a quick on site assembly

Turnkey solutions

From the design and production to the construction and maintenance of the buildings

Predefined quality

All constructive elements comply with CE marking and undertake quality controls

Energy efficiency

Passive systems are incorporated for major energy savings

Low maintenance

Minimum maintenance thanks to the aluminum structure, even in aggressive environments


Extensible solutions thanks to the use of the modular architecture principle

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Where are the Gaptek offices located?

Our offices are in the beautiful city of Barcelona. We also have a logistics and R&D center in Girona and a commercial office in Madrid.

What structural materials are used by Gaptek?

Gaptek has developed a construction system based on prefabricated profiles and dry joints, using aluminum as the structural material for the advantages it has as opposed to traditional construction and its great adaptability.

The advantages of aluminum as structural material as opposed to steel are numerous, such as the optimization and customization of the profiles according to its specific use, as compared with steel’s standard and normalized profiles, the lightness of the profiles and its resistance, the low maintenance thanks to the anticorrosive properties of aluminum and its total recyclability.

If I decide to buy a Gaptek building, will I receive support at every step?

Of course. Gaptek offers all support you need throughout the execution of the process. You will always have the team by your side.
We have a 360º vision of the services we offer, as we provide from the design and production to the construction and maintenance of the buildings.

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